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Family First Generally speaking, the family structure has stood as stable as a rock for years, even thousands of years. Nothing could penetrate it. Nothing could corrupt it. Nothing could destroy it… Nothing could rob it of its happiness or it's joy. But of all of this has sadly changed, and the home is now sadly suffering Our generation is watching the death of marriage and the family as we know it. Among the many factors contributing to it's destruction are immorality, adultery, fornication (common place), homosexuality, abortion, women's liberation, delinquency (criminal behavior or gang banding), and sexual rebellion. All those things are like strands in a cord that is strangling the family. Most family structures of today are in serious trouble and the trouble becomes even worse when the family doesn’t know what to do… and it is made worse yet when they know what to do… but won’t do it… The absolute inward assurance that you are a Christian family is obtained by a perfect surrender of your personal lives to God. Every family ought to make a consecrated effort to do it…! If this is done in prayer, and without one reservation or hesitation, the Holy Spirit performs its part as surely as God’s promises stands for family. If you're not a believer, there is little hope that you can make your marriage and family anything near what God intends it to be. Now I'm not saying that non-believers can't have meaningful relationships. They can---but only up to a point. They will never know total fulfillment as a surrendered life. As an individual can find fulfillment only in a relationship with God, a family can find fulfillment only if its definition is designed and authored by God Himself. So, apart from knowing Jesus Christ, we can't expect a family to be fulfilled, because God is the One who created man, invented marriage and the family, and wrote the book on how marriage is to function. Let us prepare to spend the closing of the year seeking Gods instructions of how to build strong successful, godly, close-knit family…Prov. 24: 3;                                               (Eph. 5:22-6: 8; Colossians 3: 12-23; Prov. 16:7).                                          Pastor Billy G. Miller


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